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Filipino Food is a Filipino food blog and recipe site. This is a website where Filipino Food Lovers meet and share their favorite recipes and exchange ideas about cooking their delicious, native dishes. Although this is mainly focused on Philippine cuisine, I'm not leaving out the western cuisine. Having said that I'm also going to include American food on this recipe blog site for the ones who wish to serve their family American food, and yes everyone is welcome to this site.!


- My Latest Video Recipe | March 1st, 2015 -


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Longanisa gif_new

Chicken & Bok Choy Stir-fry gif_new

Chicken Adobo - "Parade Previewgif_new

Pork Adobo gif_new

Bistek / Bistec gif_new

Beef Kaldereta / Caldereta gif_new

Stir-fry Beef Liver gif_new

Chicken Stir-fry gif_new

Dill Pickles gif_new

Salmon Fish Cakes gif_new

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Stir-fry Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice Video Recipe

Soups page header

Bulalo with mais and petchayNilagang baka with cabbage and potatoesNilagang buto ng baka with napa cabbage and petchay

Chicken SopasSinigang na BaboyArroz Caldo

Tinolang Manok - Ginger Chicken Soup

Stews page header

Afritadang manok with hotdogsAfritadang baboy with green peas, carrots and bellpeppersKalderetang baka with bellpeppers and potatoes

Dinuguan na baboy or Pork blood stewAmerican beef and mushroom stew on a thick gravyAdobong buto ng baboy, neckbones

American beef stew in a bowl with saltine crackersPinoy chicken curryAdobong Pusit

Spicy Pork Adobo with Curry PowderBurger Beef StewBeef Caldereta / Kaldereta

Pork Adobo

Fried / Grilled header

Piniritong pakpak ng manok marinated in soysauce and garlicInihaw na baboy sa stick a classic Filipino street foodPiniritong porkchops marinated in soysauce

Piniritong pakpak ng manok marinated in salt and garlicLonganisa with garlic fried rice and eggsLumpiang shanghai with pork and beef fillings

Lumpia na gulay with tawgi stuffings, beansproutsTortang talong with eggsPilipino BBQ a classic Filipino street food

Sinangag na kanin with barbecue pork and eggsBistek with rice and onions on a plateFried Chicken in a bowl

Curried Pork ChopsSouthern Style Fried Chicken

Bistek / Bistec

Sauteed header

Ginisang bitsuelas with giniling na bakaGinisang ampalaya with pork and bagoongGinisang ampalaya with beef

Giniling Turo-Turo StyleGinisang atay ng bakaGinisang giniling with bellpeppers

Beef and Broccoli over rice on a placePansit gisado, ginisang pansitCorned beef on a plate, ginisang corn beef

Ginisang sardinas over ricePinakbet with pork and bagoongGinisang monggo with hipon and tinapa

Ginisang PechayGinisang TogueGinisang Sayote

Chicken & BroccoliPancit Cantonstir-fry

Stir-fry Beef LiverChicken & Bok Choy Stir-fry

Fish / Others header

Daing na bangus with kamatis and sibuyasTinapa in the grillInihaw na paksiw na isda

Siopao asadoBicol express over ricePaksiw na Isda

Paksiw na Galunggung with AmpalayaGinataang Alimasag - Crabs in Coconut MilkFish Cakes

Dill Pickles

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