Lumpiang Togue - Beansprouts Eggroll

Lumpiang Togue

Lumpiang Togue definitely brings back good childhood memories when I was in the Philippines. I remember they had these Lumpia stacked up high along with some Banana's and Kamote Q's. I used to buy these things and eat my heart out. The vinegar sauce that is pre-made by the street vendors is out of this world. Lumpiang Togue I remember they only cost one peso each. I don't know how much it is nowadays, but back then the dollar rate was 17:1 which means you can buy 17 of these egg rolls for a buck. It is amazing to think that Lumpia is available on just about every corner in the cities of the Philippines and yet over here in the U.S. you have to go out of your way to make 'em or at least where I am at, you can't buy Lumpiang Togue in the store, you can only make them. Anyhow, Filipino's have several wrapped delights that you can find on the streets of the Philippines. This one, however, is one of the most popular ones out there. The stuffing in this one is mainly Bean sprouts, unlike the ones we have here in the U.S. commonly found in most Chinese restaurants that are stuffed with cabbage. The other was the Banana (Plantain) version, which is commonly made to be sweet. Inside, it has two slices of Plantain along with a few strips of ripe Jack Fruit smothered in sugar, wrapped in the Lumpia wrapper, and then deep-fried. Ingredients:
  • 2-3 cups fresh bean sprouts
  • 2 cups shredded cabbage
  • ½ cup shredded carrots (matchsticks)
  • 1 Lb. Ground pork
  • ½ Teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 4 cloves Garlic, smashed
  • 1 Medium onion, diced
  • 1 Tbs. Fish sauce (patis)
  • ¼ Tbs. Salt
  • 6-7 Stalks green onions (chopped)
  • Vegetable oil for Deep-frying
  • Lumpia wrappers
Cooking Process:
  1. Start by pre-heating your wok and then adding the garlic and frying it until golden brown.
  2. After the garlic browns, then you can add the onions and cook until soft.
  3. Next, add the meat to the wok and brown it while stirring constantly.
  4. When the meat is done, you can add the carrots and let it cook for about a minute.
  5. Then add the cabbage and let it cook for about a minute also.
  6. Season your vegetables with fish sauce, ground black pepper, and after a minute go ahead and add the beans sprouts and green onions and let it cook for half a minute while stirring it.
  7. Remove the wok from the heat and let it cool off a bit before you start wrapping it.
  8. After the stuffing mixture has cooled down, begin wrapping it immediately and then deep fry over medium high heat for about 1-2 minutes per batch. That's  it, you're done.
Dipping Sauce: Mix together finely diced onion, smashed garlic, 1:1 vinegar/water mixture, pinch of salt & pepper and several Thai peppers into a bowl.

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12 Responses to “Lumpiang Togue”

  1. Chaz says:

    My mother also put potatoes and this added a nice texture and more substance to the lumpia. Cut the potatoes to the size of short thin french fries, sautee in oil until cooked,then drain excess oil using paper towels and then add it to the mixture.

    As a variation I also add jicama (singkamas) and crunchy peanut butter for more texture and flavor.

  2. kadirecipes says:

    I had never tried these egg rolls before And I am going to do it.
    Thank you

  3. brittney says:

    my husband is philipino and i love cooking your website has been the most helpful and im making a special trip to a world market so i can actually purchase some of this stuff considering i live in a hispanic culture city! so super excited to finally give him some familiar home made food from his childhood! will let you know how my hubby like your recipes! wish me luck
    thanks a bunch

  4. Good luck and let us know how it turn out.

  5. CHIVA says:


  6. Epeng says:

    I replaced your 2-3 c fresh bean sprouts and 2 c shredded cabbage with 5 c shredded jicama. I bought a large jicama and used a hand held shredder used to shred cheese. Groceries now sell pre-shredded carrots so that saves me anymore shredding. It’s yummy…..

  7. Tess V. says:

    My mom used to make veggie lumpia with diced potato added to the recipe. For my family, I substitute lean ground turkey and they can’t tell the difference. We live in S. California where there are many Pilipino restaurants and markets, but nothing is better than home cooking! Thank you for your website, I will refer to it often as my mom never wrote down her recipes but I have fond memories of growing up and wrapping lumpia with my sister (and homemade longinisa too wrapped in wax paper).

  8. donna mendigorin says:

    hey was really nice egg rolls so i hope very good filipino food and the way u make was so beautiful and cute and hondsome…. i like good idea very n8ice and beutiful k ………..

    thanks u very much and see u a rounds

  9. Precy says:

    Hi, am new to your site and love your recipes.i normally don’t make my lumpia with potatoes so am going to try this version. I did try your giniling recipe and it was delicious – very easy to make – thank you. another filipino dish i used to love is empanada. i remember having those on special occasions back in the Phils. but can’t seem to get them the same here especially the dough is somehow different. would you happen to have a recipe for empanada? thanks much.

  10. Hi Precy,

    Sorry I don’t have a recipe for Empanada at this time. Please check back later since I have been planning to add more recipe on this site.

    Robert Colinares

  11. Carol says:

    Im looking for an autenthic egg pie recipe , pls. share if you have any


  12. Sorry Carol, I don’t have Egg Pie recipe.

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