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Newspaper Wrap Grilled Fish

This is my entry for Lasang Pinoy 20. Although this cooking process is inspired by an English chef, it is still a traditional Filipino dish. For those of you who watch the Food Network or Fine Living channels here in the U.S. I’m sure you have heard of the show Naked Chef by Jaime Oliver. […]

Sautéed Beef Liver

When it comes to Philippines cuisine beef liver is one of the common main ingredients and this particular dish is one of the favorites among many. This dish is easy to make and fairly cheap. This is a sauteed version. Most western cultures probably have never heard of it being done this way before, but […]

Pork Afritada

This dish was brought by the Spaniards when they occupied the Philippines. It was quickly adapted by the Filipinos and became a very popular celebratory dish. Afritada comes in two versions, pork and chicken. This is the pork version. Pork Afritada is one of the many tomato sauce based Filipino dishes and it does remind […]

Garlic Fried Chicken Wings

Garlic Fried Chicken Wings is simple, quick, and easy to make. I remember when I was a kid I used to ask my mom to fix this all the time. It has a short ingredients list, but it’s very satisfying. You could serve this as a companion dish for stir-fried vegetables or you can eat […]

Beef & Mushrooms Stew

This dish is inspired by the way of life here in the U.S. Most of us have busy schedules and very little time to cook a quality meal for our family. Although this does take a while to cook there is very little preparation time and you can basically throw everything in a pot and […]

Longsilog or Silogs

Longsilog or Silogs are definitely a very popular Filipino breakfast. They come in many combinations and are all mouth-watering breakfast delights. You can find these dishes at street vendors all over the Philippines. They are commonly called Turo-Turo Eatery’s (it means pick and point eatery). This recipe is for Longsilog. It’s a combination of Longanisa, […]

Tinapa – Smoked Fish

Now we’re going to talk about a dish that would make most Filipino’s mouths water even if they just smell it. Tinapa – Smoked Fish is a favorite and definitely very popular among Filipino’s. You will find this dish sold at street vendors all over the Philippines. Tinapa or Smoked Fish – this dish is […]

Ginisang Monggo

Ginisang Monggo or Mung Beans Soup is a dish known to the Filipino’s as a poor mans dish, but from what I can tell you there is nothing poor about it. It is rich and hearty in flavor and just to kick it up another notch (as Emeril Lagasi would say) you can add shredded […]


Beef Giniling

This dish Giniling you don’t hear much about when you’re talking Filipino dishes. My mom doesn’t make this very often, but when she does everyone in the family loves it. My mom’s version is a pretty common one, but I decided to make mine a little bit fancier and add red and green bell peppers. […]

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